Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Don’t be afraid of the locusts
But know they’re coming
Don’t be afraid
We’ll steer you in the right direction
In time
We’ll protect you from them coming
The corn is bursting in fields
And we will wait for summer harvest
They’re coming
Don’t be alarmed until we let you know
And than we’ll make you go
Away from that safe place
The corn rising in the fields
We’ll tell you how to see
And how to feel
When it’s time
But know they’re coming
We will facilitate
Mandate everything you’ll need to know
We have channels where you’ll listen to our words
We’ll comfort you
We’ll keep you warned
We’ll keep you updated daily
On their progress
Though you’ll never see a wing
We’ll protect your children
From everything
We’ll show you who is the enemy
We’ll create the image
We’ll advertise
And fill your dreams with dread
We’ll make you question
Starvation and the impending death
They’re coming
Most of the corn is already ready for harvest
We’ll keep them safe
We’ll spread them around
We’ll keep you feed
We’ll clear the clouds above your head
Buildings in the city coming down
Empty storefronts crumble to the ground
But don’t move
And don’t make a sound
We’ll tell you when it’s time to be alarmed
You won’t be harmed
We promise
We’ll herd you to where it’s safe
We’ll keep you feed
We’ll save face
The dying cattle
We’ve hauled them away
Nothing to worry about today
Until we tell you it’s time
The corn burned in the evening
You never smelled a thing
They’ve come and devoured
We kept you safe
We’ll spread what’s left
To who deserves the most
We will keep you bound
To that post
So we’ll rebuild
And we will conquer all of this fear
All the hunger
Rest assured
We’ve reached the deepest hole
We will need from you
All that’s left
We will keep control
We will keep you calm
We will keep you never feeling the pain
Of convulsing
As all of you do
We will spread what’s left
It’s what we do
When all the harvest disappears and next years’
Seems to be half as much
We will warn you of the locusts
The beasts you feared so much
And we will feed upon your corpses
And lay you all in the ground
In a small box
In that tiny dusty town
Where storefronts fall to the ground
No food, no belongings
Only the starving, with hands held out
And we on evil wings
Will persevere
On to the next small town
Or small city
Where we’ll devour
All the summer harvest
Before it comes to be true
And when you try to warn them
They won’t believe you…..
We are locusts
It’s what we’ve done
It’s what we do……..