Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Question of Tolerance

It’s time we take our country back.  We need to stop being republican or democrat, stop being black or white or Hispanic. It needs to be US, all of us against a government of tyranny and politics as usual.

All of the freedoms that have been fought for and marched for are at stake by a government that insists its their job to take care of us. We need to grow up as a nation and become active in our own country and the health and vigor of its free state.

I notice we keep electing the same names. We keep electing what ever the elites decide is our candidate to vote for than hold our noses while we’re forced to vote for politicians we hope are not quite as filthy as the rest.

We ignore our government passing on laws they make for us. We ignore their semantics, lies and cover-ups, “we didn’t know about that”, “we are as outraged as you” are and the most famous “what difference does it make”; all of these statements are an example of don’t worry, we’ll take care of this.

Another infamous quote that explains our problems in Washington-“you’re going to have to wait for it to pass”. A monstrosity law that few of us have read that fundamentally changes America is forced on us with a  “we know better than you attitude” is unacceptable in a free country.

Laws can not be enforced to some and not all. The public shouldn’t have one insurance plan while the government has their own. This is why you have a government that thinks its royalty. It’s our money we make and we take care of our own people better than any nanny state government could ever hope for.

Aside from expecting more from our governments we need to expect more from ourselves. Let’s stop being victims, stop allowing lawyers and politicians to divide us and convince us we are projects to fix and pander to. We need to rebuild a color- blind society that is proud of its successes, that know and name our enemies and protects our own with the ferocity of a mother grizzly.

It’s time we take our country back. A lot has been done for this great country that we are lucky to live in, only we can save our own freedoms and maintain a country we can be proud of.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Unsigned Portrait

This portrait I will never sign, it was never mine. Even though the colors are 
familiar and the strokes are uniquely a piece of me, I have barely laid a brush 
on the canvas. In fact, more of my flaws you will see than any of my strengths. 
I have stood in awe, as this work became itself. I have not even the slightest 
knowledge nor understanding of the medium and yet I welcomed the idea of 
creating it, a small piece of the artist is that which is created as just a 
whisper, not too much detail and yet enough to clarify the artists vision. 
In this particular work, I must admit the painting has taught me more than I 
could ever explain. Now as it becomes theirs’, a work that will be shared with 
the world, I seem to be more clueless than ever before. 
I can’t articulate the purpose or vision; it is so far beyond the comprehension 
of a mere artist. The strokes I have taken in recent seem more discordant than 
ever, it seems I can only damage the canvas and being an artist and a creative 
person seems more like a detriment than a virtue. 
I am clumsy, my colors are unsure and even worse than all of this, I am so 
irrelevant. And yet the finishing touches beg for my attention. I keep my 
distance, I sort of need to these days because the closer I get to perfecting 
the masterpiece, the more I realize it has nothing to do with me and it is not 
mine. So I won’t be signing this canvas, I wont be taking a bow to the audience 
no more than I could stand in judgment of my lack of skill-the painting has 
become itself, I have been barely present and yet the lack of myself has meant 
everything in its creation. 
I won’t sign this work, I will leave it to the audience to decide and they will 
finish it. They will never see the beauty I see, nor understand its amazing 
virtue-only I can see this and my deep love for it has made me the worst critic. 
I can only judge myself in its shadow and I never come up as nothing but a hack 
painter, a novice, a word smith without words to describe… so this painting, 
this beautiful amazing painting will never be signed.