Sunday, June 26, 2016


You are light
But I stand in shadow
I look at my heart
My passions
You’re the aggressive vine
Grasping all my support
And precious time
I can barely fathom myself
And yet I wouldn’t trade you
For anything, anyone else
You are my greatest work
In God’s design
All your colors, all your beauty his
All your damage, mine
I can barely orchestrate your path
You break out of barriers of expectation
You’ve grown too fast
For me to keep contained
The distance grows, duty remains
As my clarity dissolves
All words seem insignificant
And all your riddles unsolved
You will become
As you become
And you will do wonderful things
Despite all control I keep
I was the light, the sun

But you, my son, have eclipsed me

Saturday, June 25, 2016

An Absence in the Garden

The garden stands as it promised
From passionate seeds, color in a colorless world
And I am color blind
Walk along the edge of order
And chaos
Feel as the fragrant jasmine insists
It exists
See the richness of flames of tithonia
And coneflower
They wait until I wake
Wait until I’m present
Out of this state
But the green seems pointless
And the shadows seem only dark
Waited for the threatening limbs of a dying tree
They’ve come down
They’ve given in to the heat, to the light
And I am standing in the stagnant air
Cicadas callously sigh
The heavy weight, I can barely breath
Worms are working tirelessly in the ground
The hole seems silent
But it always gapes
And I can feel every wound
The lack of feeling is the scar
Walk among the shriveled weeds
Hope I haven’t gone too far
As the structure grows above the gardener
And the gardener sleeps in a  mushroom ground
The birds with songs they can’t remember
Fade with little sound
It’s summer, the grey earth, the parched seed
And I am just an absence in a  garden
Another petulant weed.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

When the sunflower last bloomed

I remember the light, I remember the yellows and golds
I remember pedals , their perfectly sculpted forms
Before the summer storms

Last  before the greys
Before my damaged eyes could only see this way
I remember the flowers from a child’s smile
How tall they grew how fast, how far
A forest of yellow
That dwarfed a child’s innocent mind
They fell, they always fall as summer insists it perilous
The pause in the fall before winter came

But now, everything feels the same
All pastel replaced by grey
Sad the artist whose eyes stay closed

Who sees a sunflower that way…