Sunday, January 17, 2016


Just a bit of spring in the middle of a winter landscape. It was amazing to see just a bit of green and rich yellows when everything else was gray and colorless-it is Texas but still it was nice to see color, even if it was just a weed....

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

From the Survivors: A Poisonous Sea

The venomous sea
How well we swim naively
Sip the nectar feel the edge soften
You’d think we’d avoid it like a cancer
Flies to a flame
But never forget, how we survived
And from where we came.

The hallways were long and dark there
But the light was brighter outside
So safe and constant, a childs’ playground
The rooms were filled with ghosts
I was creative
Safe was a place you kept
never rock the boat
while he slept
be silent,
keep still
and the stillness kept in my mind
and stays to this day
can not  sit still in a quiet house,

I never feel safe.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Father's Greatest Fear

No tracks to contain its teeth
No light to show its path
Only the darkness
This feeling of being helpless,
I want for you a safe space
A place
Where you might not feel the wound
The wind that screams like a furious train
Our house, untouched, we can’t complain
But still in that darkness
The feeling of being safe escaped me
That feeling of keeping you safe evaded me
Crushed beneath the inevitable track
Death sits across the table smiling
We speak in hushed voices
The silence
Is unnerving
Come out of this place
With a different view
I feel helpless, I feel guilty

I couldn't protect you

A Black Sky: December 26

We were running through a landscape
Ants crawling out of the mound
As this grand spectacle showed its face
And left
With a horrifying sound

I was so afraid to lose you
Your skin never seemed so thin
So fragile
In that black landscape
Where everything was sharp and alive
Dangerous teeth of nails and wires
I followed you afraid
I walked the darkness like one of the zombies
Pouring into the streets
Ghosts from broken houses
Fallen rooms
And swinging chandeliers

All faces in shock
You assured me you’d be fine
Go home
While you crawled beneath a transformer
And broken electrical line
And your face never looked so scared
So sad was I that I could not contain
The blackness that filled that evening
Only the shadow remained

The Rain Barrel

Photo by elena

I know what it feels like
The golden, the orange, the red,
The colors that reach across a cloudy sky
And define that dangerous line
The space before the ground
The perilous feeling
Falling down…
I know the flames of feeling
Every bit of the green bleeding out into red veins
Streaming across the afternoon skies
Like a tantrum
I know that voice that never whispers
Hoping to land somewhere
Hoping to land

And I know the feeling of cold
I know the feeling of mingling on the cold dark edge
And feeling every bit of color dissolve
Across that surface so indifferent
Embracing and drowning every peace of the skeleton
That was
Remembering the sky
Remembering the limb that once connected
Now mourning, distant, unfeeling
I know what it feels to drown
Beneath the darkness
Each competing for the last bits of light
Dark, shapeless ghosts
Rise and fall
I know the steel walls
And the deep black sides
That keeps us silent
That keep our voices muffled
Under the surface
Remembering fall
Remembering the height of the sky
The blue, the rich colors
Before all color faded and died…

(A painting coming soon)

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Day

The Angel Trumpet recoils, the last bit of leaves withered and gray.
A garden sighs in the early morning breezes
New Years Day

The sky is pale, the way I feel, the sadness of the year in deconstruction
Every bit of its skeleton, tucked neatly away
I’m awake, watching the birds
New Years Day

What grand structure to erect, what color to choose, thoughts to connect
It all begins with habit and intention today.
Make your list and start the next year

New Years Day