Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015


Each name is abrasive to my ear
Each repetition of tone
each common name
A tree of ethnicity,
bleeding from its roots
words that cut like razors
Can not offer any glimmer of peace
To families
The sad privilege to recite
The somber eyes and the perfect quote
Seem pointless
For the empty air above us
Even now they’re sweeping the street
And taking down signs
The scar, the building, a sore
That never heals
We ring our hands in crowds
We wait for our moment
They live without
A child that will never know her dad
A mother that will never watch their son
Buried on that horrible day
Where one moment America united
On the precipice of pure evil
And we see ourselves as people
A nation under assault
United we stand
Shoulder to shoulder
They recite the names
We will be stronger, resolute

But never the same…

All the sea creatures agreed to coexist....that is except the shrimp, for some reason he wasn't having it!