Monday, December 11, 2017

Another Same Day: A Pattern of Gray

A day, you wake and immerse, the same day
drowning in a soft faded
of gray
Awareness of a feeling that had touched
so lightly
on gentle wings
insists the day
that beast in various forms
sits across the table
the day before
as hours meld to days
days to weeks
a dispassionate gray
that sips on all your energy
insists there is no other way
we craft words
to describe
and images to bring to life
this explanation
that has no form
only that it becomes
and we
are nothing more
feathers on some poisoned sea
drifting out the grappling tide
all the swollen feelings
kept uncomfortably inside
while the day breaks
it felt so good once
to feel awake
for just one month
or even a day
before we submerge
in a soft and violent
shade of gray...