Sunday, April 17, 2016

Listening to the Rain

The first of several abstractions of nature-I am working on a series which will appear in the Artbygordon blog

Today I'm enjoying a storm the way it should be, a heavy constant rain and the distant sound of thunder. At the beginning of the tornado season, every time the sky darkens we are threatened with gloom and doom.

Today was not one of those days.. The sky has been dark all day, the rain intermittent between a soaking drizzle to a intense down pour. I am enjoying the sound on the roof, watching the ripples on the concrete and the sound of thunder in the distance.

It's one of those introspective days, the days that you reassess and enjoy the silence and subdued light. There are no news casts warning about every twist and turn, desperate to convince us that at any moment we should seek cover.

This is the kind of storm I remember from New Jersey, a soaking rain, a cool breeze and a bit of darkness for a Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow it will be in the eighties and back to humid but for the moment I'm absolutely enjoying listening to the rain.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Innocent Sky

An innocent sky
Stares with light blue eyes
Cold white clouds
Hung above our struggling forms
Beneath the glass of broken windows
Shattered roofs and dented cars
We stare at an innocent sky
As the fractured bits of water
Pass us by
A rainbow insists its nothing personal
And the colors form
In the edge of the streets
Beneath a toddlers shuffling feet
And the families
look up to a sky
Where insurance rises
And the open holes
Let the cold water in
Forgive us for our transgressions
The wrath of God hangs high upon us
But the sky insists it’s nothing personal
And the threat is already gone
Stare up to an angry sky in tantrum

The storm has passed us on