Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Late Hours: Loneliness Finds the Hopeful

The Late Hours

Is no one
A loneliness that holds on your arm in an icy embrace
And the shadows are long
And the daylight is absent
Nothing moves
But time is always
Slipping by
And you open your eyes
In Octobers surprise
And feel more cold and empty
Than seasonal
As the autumn leaves all
Seem colorless
And you sit pending
As the very state of being
Seems so abstract
Hanging in the balance of a liquid
That keeps the mind suppressed
And allows those moments, deeply depressed
Passing by
Like water under a bridge
What the self in a mirror
Changing by the hour
Light color flowers the happiness in a day
The dark blue violets scream the late hours….

 My Crooked Spine

My crooked spine
leads me through a forest of doubt
biding my time
dark faced birds wrestle with words
sing a song you won't forget
waiting for the sunrise to open my eyes
it hasn't happened yet
My crooked way, a path we all walk
we all question the light ahead
I walk alone in the darkness
a smile to the strangers with kind eyes
a silence, an absence
no on realized
my crooked spine
it's been a few years wrestling age
disgusted with time
walk on the path, the darkest forest
God smiles, everything's  fine...


So happy to be here with you
But I can’t
I suspend in hours
A ghost, holding, no ones hand
A fiend with teeth that glitter from beneath grey bone
Sits on the edge of the couch
Across the room and reminds me, I’m alone.
Call it a skeleton of the self,
The sripped down reflection in a mirror
The wireframe image of laughter
On white walls where the sunlight
Lost its way long ago
All I have is the shadows of hours
Shadows of a day passing by
I should be thankful if not for the space
Between us
Even myself keeps its distance
The grays in this house
The disarray
Even my son stays away
All acceptable, I understand
But loneliness gives me so much
With a heavy hand
I lay in a bed in an empty room
And the morning figure
Coming soon
Wake with that panic
Or the insatiable feeling of life
Through my lungs
Where have you gone through the dark
Bends and twists of evening dreams
Its lonelier than it seemed the day before
And I can’t stand this feeling much more
Just for a moment to bask in your glory
But there is nothing you need to do
The absence of the this weight, this cumbersome self
such a pleasure to be with you.

The Absence

You tell them, you’ve lost your job
But some of them seem surprised
As if you’re barely awake
And barely alive
Did I fool myself into thinking this was a weight I could bare
It’s the absence that’s killing me
But I'm always absent
And you’re never there
The absence of that space
I should be joining spheres
Leaving here
But the empty rooms
The shadows of a day
Keep me here
So comfortably we make our beds
We sleep alone
Remember what you said
I like to be alone
but when everyone turns away, the solitary insists dismay
Assume your okay
It’s what you’ve always said
And they’ve heard it for so long
But what if loneliness is a cruel friend
and you were always wrong…

Silence Inside

The weight of the self, you lie there awake
A blade of grass in a field
Where you seek the end of summer
To feel
That hopelessness come fall
My father laid down
This time of the year
When I was ten
That feeling of the cold evenings
And beautiful days, remind me again
We lose our place in the text
Forget what we need to protect
I wait in this shadowed hall
Hoping no one will see
And yet the sign on the wall
My badge is lonely
And it sits on my shoulder
A petulant blackbird
Singing it song
Fills in the gaps of life

When the hours seem too long

All photos and words copyright artbygordon 2016