Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Finding God: The Intangible Essence of Faith

I climbed a mountain with an intense need for peace
I was tired, weak in need of rest and rehab
but the devil followed me
mocked every step I took
questioned every flower
and every new shoot
found myself looking through a lens
doubt colored every shadowed form
instead of calm I found questions
I became addicted to knowing
God insisted
trust me and you will see
the whole valley
given up 
but I questioned my path
and I questioned my abilities
even while all the gifts
lay out before me like paradise
I was in need
of something, something that offered
any remnant of calm
I climbed a mountain seeking peace

You will find God in silence, or it would be more correct to say you will reailize God in silence. Earth is loud, we as spiritual beings are constantly fighting to hear silence and know nature while the world and all its distractions fight for our attention.

Add electronic devices that capture our attention and visual interest and God blends into the background. I have recently learned to turn off the radio and intentionally enjoy silence and even than thoughts and ideas scream to be heard. 

When you are trying not to be distracted the distractions get more loud and you start to realize the battle we as spiritual beings fight on a daily basis.

Just like Peace, God is very subtle and intangible, it's very easy to ignore the God winks and stumble right through the miracles that happen every day with little wisdom gained from each experience. 

We need to learn to find God-he is always there-it is our physical selves that easily get distracted. The more you seek him, the stronger his presence becomes and the more regular miracles become. Be still and know he is there.

Let me know where you've found him and what experience and wisdom manifested in the experience.

God is the awe we feel when the sun rises or sets
That moment when a life begins or ends
a silence we are not often comfortable with
we are clumsy earthly beings
God is but a whisper
on a spring day
a subtle fragrance
we imbibe
and always crave
once we know him
we are changed...