Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Moments

Perfecting that moment,
linens clean and curtains drawn
sunlight streaming through open slats in screen
perfecting the minutes
the indifference of the ticking of the small hand
the body recalls
remembering all the moments in light
now just a blink in a shadow
remembering a youthful glow
now gray and hollow
realization of the body is only a shell
just a jar that contains
only labeled with a face, a name,
to fill some shady grave
doctors put away your tools
there’s nothing you can save
the soul moves in there like a flame
dances across horizons bleak
when the body is silent
it’s the only thing that speaks
it carries the sunlight
the warm glow of youth
carries it into the darkness
and avoids the holes
we foolish youth investigate
doctors put all your tools away
there’s nothing here you can save…..