Monday, May 6, 2013


I watched the clouds swirling
I watched the light in rich ambers and greys
She smiled
I heard the sound of guitar chords
And voices somber
I was not part of the group
An outsider
But I could feel the pangs of sadness
A rich atmosphere
As thick as the clouds
That parted ways
Watched the final embers of light fade
And the balloons
Blue and red rose weightless and beautiful
I saw your picture
You were an angel,
So much hope in eyes
So hopeless
The balloons rose into the clouds
The warm golden light
Touched everything
And I would almost hazard a guess
You were forgiven
I felt your presence
As the cool breeze gave way
To a golden sky
I watched the candles light
I watched the warmth spread
People hugged each other
They reflected across the lake
Your absence was felt
Even by those who never were lucky enough
To know you
I felt peace across the water
I felt silence like a whisper
And above me as the light dispersed
That quiet air lingered
I talked to my son
He felt it too
Said the words we all should say
Sadly watched that last balloon
Rise and fade away…..