Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Jasmine

Icy fingers climb the spine
But you remind me of spring
Out of the ice your spindly tines
Frozen right before my eyes
You insist its spring
You remind me every time I pass
Rich yellow flowers defy the senses
While other flowers sleep in silence
You’re awake
You haunt me with the intangible scent
The sunlight through winter curtains
Another evening spent
I wait for the sunlight to melt the ice
Wait for the cold to leave the spine
Bees on lost scent trails
Ants from burrows deep in the ground
You insist its spring
A fragrance bold and loud
Beside the ghosts of summer
Broken stems. Black and grey
I planted you last winter thaw

So convince me,  spring is on its way…

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Treading Water

I want your peace, you give it as a gift
I only lick the edge of the plate
Ignoring the state of bliss
I bask in dark water
It’s how I comfortably swim
As I drown in a slow whirlpool
I won’t ask again, I’ve seen my shadow on the bottom
And my eyes were always scared
I trusted you
The thin skin of the water
A blackness I can barely discern
And a thirst I can not contain
I remain in this water
Smelling the memories of winter
And fall
How cold the bottom seems and distant
Like memories
Of so many summers gone
And all of the children
That have passed on to be parents
Watching children
Treading water
I wish I could feel the safety you insist
And the fact that the mortal coil
Only persists
As long as I’m breathing
And as long as the water evades my lungs
Welcome it in and I sink to the bottom
I trusted you
You never failed me
I’ve failed you
And the shadow on the bottom that stared back in fear
Was only the remnants and entanglements

The love and beauty of a fleeting year….

The Hole

Perched on the edge of that hole
The wet soil of cold November
Frost on the ground
The plywood planks never saved me
The distance falling
Never covered the hole
The heart
Still beating young and naïve
The sprout in winter
Wake to the winter ice
That hole
Buried deep inside me
And keeps me
Awake at night
The gaping wound
The earth and all its hollow glory
Never saying once
It was sorry
Only the edge of the soil
Is discernable the ground will never settle
Never heal
You lay in silence in the empty shadows
Your not there
I know that now
And you never were
Around us
All around us
And the evil silent hole
Would never keep you
Only me
In its violent graces
Keeps me crafting words out of a shadow
Keeps me searching for something precious

I lost in the hallows…..