Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Soul Exposed: Across Colorado

I saw the mountains
And they stared back with indifference
And yet a comfort like no human being
Could ever convey
That feeling of being overwhelmed by beauty
As all the outer stresses melt away
And they stand so tall
Above me
And they seem to dwarf all questions I could ever ask
Their beauty makes me feel
Like the water in a stream
It rushes through every limb
And every point a flame
I don’t remember yesterday
I’m just glad I came

And they comfort my dying form
As the autumn trees lay down their own
In the silence, a victim of such distance
But I don’t feel alone
Instead, God seems closer
Colors are brighter
And with that passion
Sweeps across my troubled mind
No words to write
No questions to ask
A captured moment in time
When the mountains spoke with out a word
The most beautiful sound of silence
The most hopeful voice I’ve ever heard

God is a painter
And I’m ashamed
Of ever attempting to say
One word or stroke of hue
That could make you feel
The same
It’s no mistake we all stand quiet
All in our own space
We watch as the light and the colors
By the seconds change
And the lesson begins
As a stranger says and I agree
God is an artist
Describing it beautifully
I never offered up any of my words
Or even dare call myself an artist
Instead I spoke of my son
The only work to even compare
Across a vast autumn valley
both of us in silence stare

All the majesty of a Tuesday afternoon,
Set free across the great divide like a wind
Landscapes waiting to uncover
Secrets I never sought to find
Flaming aspens
Rich yellows and golds, crimson and wine,
Time seems kinder
Leaves me to my space
As every corner another amazing landscape
That draws itself like a painting
Slowly giving up all its colors
And all its pain
The dark and violent storm, the peaceful rain
Sleet upon mountains high
Every word and every color explained
Across the long hills beneath the shadows of giants
They say nothing
And I comply
I could barely describe this sense of being

I hesitate to even try…