Saturday, April 13, 2013


Flickering lights
In warm shadows
Fragrance of vanilla, cinnamon
And every night she comes
And we dance in shadows
Walls of flame they flicker
She in all her colors like night
Perfume whispers to senses quiet
We dance all night
In shadows like ghosts
Cryptic forms like souls
Without form
And every night
She comes and we dance in shadow
Wakes me in the AM
French vanilla, sticky sweet
And every morning
The light extinguished
She and I
In twisting forms like flames
Their dancing embers
To the night sky
Leaving me cold alone
In darkness
And every night she comes
And we dance
In shadows.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Poem 4-12-13- a poem a day first in the series


words like whispers, God awake,
the empty night
the forest quiet
all the creatures poised,
we would trade all security
all of our confidence
for just one noise
but the silence is unrelenting
as all the good ones lie asleep
and only words through
early morning slumber keep
quiet as if God
teaches me a song to sing
quiet in the aftermath
of weeks passing
and sleep has crossed my mind
but words thrown like stars
in an evening sky
shine and shooting by
quiet as if God’s awake
and all his creatures
wait for just one taste of divinity
a slice
in white, pale like the moon in evening
when all the good ones sleep
God in whispers
Speaks in riddles
And all his secrets

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finding America II (My freedom trumps yours)

Okay, this is not going to be always about Sunday Morning, it's going to be more about seeing the small things among us everyday and describing them right or wrong with the perspective of America, past, present and future. Please bare with me one more time in relating a story I heard on the news show.

It was about an Egyptian comedian and talk show host, a previous heart surgeon that is creating quite a stir in his land. His satire has landed him in jail, they compared him to John Stewart and while the show is based off of John Stewart's show, the comedy and basic idea can be compared there is a difference. In America, you can say what is not popular with the government or the people and you don't go to jail. We have freedoms here that we don't seem to realize or appreciate. I have always said that today, freedom is an old vintage car that is in our grandfathers' garage-it was cool once, it's interesting but we don't really get it or drive it anymore.

Our soldiers get it, they fight for it, they watch their brothers and sisters die for it, they go to countries that don't have freedoms and see the hardship and tyranny firsthand-instead in America we fight against people that would wear a sign or shirt we don't agree with, we find so many ways that our freedoms are trampled on and yet I feel we don't have any perspective about what freedom is nor the lack of it. Unfortunately, we become the victim that we are portrayed as, we are like the reality shows that fight with another while they are in a great, free high rise and someone else just disrespected them, we need some perspective.

Freedom is something we have all taken for granted and the idea of freedom is something we have lost all perspective of. My freedom shouldn't trump others-If I don't like your opinion I don't have to like it but I shouldn't want you not to have the freedom to express it. These days, we have enough laws on the books but somewhere along the line the idea of needing to have a law to protect funerals from protests and personal attacks on the deceased was never something we ever thought we'd need. If we as people treated others with the respect and understanding we should as basic civilized people we wouldn't need the government to keep interceding on our behalf.

We need to realize the freedoms that are inherent in living in a free country, although there are points that are lacking in America as in any country we need to enjoy and embrace what we have. We shouldn't take for granted what we have, improvement is always necessary as we grow but we need to embrace the core values of America and realize John Stewart doesn't go to prison for satirizing the government-we should be happy to live with the freedoms and not take them for granted.

Looking for America I

This is a post dealing with America, not the America we hear about by our media and the government instead the real America that seems lost in translation. I watch Sunday Morning as often as I can get up early enough on a Sunday to watch. I enjoy the fact that they don't tell us what to think about the story, don't try to sway us politically or religiously about the issues and just simply tell a story about Americans, interesting people from around the world, pretty much what is happening around our world in small vignettes about people and places of interest.

This morning there was piece about the new World Trade Center and what struck me is the hope that is instilled in the America that I love. We face hardships and we rise to the occasion. Too much we are bombarded with how we are victims and are dependent on a government that knows what's best for us and we are helpless, I believe this is agenda driven. In real life-Americans face the hard times and we rebuild, we join together and raise money for our victims of natural tragedies, we reach out to our homeless, to other countries like Haiti and Indonesia that go through their natural disasters. I'm not saying we have it all under control, there is more suffering than there needs to be and there are more people isolated and rejected but that goes with an increased unraveling of a community based society which has taken on the media and government as its support system. We have seen over the years that the government doesn't do this as well as we do.

The concern the family and friends have for each other can not be replaced by a government that seems more intent on dividing us than supporting our needs. We can rebuild, we can rise again as America, the great nation I know we are capable of being but it's going to take a rebuilding of a community, a disconnect of the constant connection to our electronic devices and state of mind where we look to each other for support and stop letting the media and the government keep us divided and distracted form our core principles,