Monday, April 23, 2018

Welcome to Trashr Inc. We Will be Hiring Soon!

Attention: All would be drones

Green Sky Plastics is finally hiring!!!

Putting trash in it’s place in a green way

The successful candidate will have a Bachelors of art, science, math, photography,   statistics A masters would be even better, perhaps a doctorate-we like higher learning!!!

Must have a green thumb-we have a corporate garden and that will be part of your daily tasks

Must have a high school education….unless you have a BA or BS than that supercedes the high school education

Must be able to speak spanish, not sure why but we just like multiple languages and besides we like to tell jokes in spanish. Also to be inclusive we have a weekly Mexican heritage lunch-we eat at a local Mexican establishment-Ok it’s taco bell but still….

Must be creative in solving problems but can follow specific directions so as not to be ridiculously creative-we have a brand by the way.

Must think outside the box-you won’t have an office-it’s all cubicles. We also like for all your belongings to be in a box but still be able to navigate outside of said box

We do not discriminate on sex or race but we encourage our employees to use black and Mexican vendors and if they are woman-that’s a plus, must honestly appear inclusive and nondiscriminatory-you will be tested on this one

Must love the color Green and use it in multiple sentences

Must be able to discard trash in a timely manor

Must be a self-starter-a firestarter is even better-we will need someone to start the campfire at our monthly team building campouts-we’ve lost a few employees due to using gas, propane and lighter fluid-all fire starting instruments have been banned from the premises

Must be motivated to ask questions-all answers will be in writing but will be mailed in triplicate as to answer a multitude of questions that need to be answered

Must have a car and be able to buy coffee with all the buzz terms

Must be savy in corporate speak-we will train

Must bring your own pen or pencil-due to budget cuts but we will provide a pen or pencil because we have specific pens and pencils you will be expected to use

We look forward to having you on our team, as long as you fit the criteria and can use

Management and manager in a cohesive sentence that is manageable.

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